2007 Writing

December 2007

Hildegard of Bingen for Venus Zine

Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss" for LA Weekly's MP3s of the Year

BARR "The Song Is the Single" for Paper Thin Walls "2007 Mixtape"

Seen/Not Seen: WOELV for Paper Thin Walls

November 2007

My Brightest Diamond for Venus Magazine

Sufjan Stevens's BQE at BAM for Pitchfork Media

October 2007

Magick Daggers for Paper Thin Walls

Seen/Not Seen: The Blow for Paper Thin Walls

September 2007

Seen/Not Seen002: Aesop Rock at Paper Thin Walls

Celebration "Evergreen" at Paper Thin Walls

July 2007
The National Fake Empire at Paper Thin Walls

June 2007
Interview: Cornelius in Pitchfork Media
No Age My Lifes Alright Without You at Paper Thin Walls
The Icarus Line Gets Paid at Paper Thin Walls

May 2007
Pretty Marketing Machine at Associate Press asap

April 2007
Revolution, Las Vegas in Club System International

March 2007
Blonde Redhead 23
at Paper Thin Walls
Betty Davis He Was A Big Freak at Paper Thin Walls
Chinese Stars Left Brain at Paper Thin Walls

February 2007
This is a three-part podcast series done for Associated Press's asap during Mardi Gras's final week.
Mardi Gras marching orders
New Orleans nightclub to the rescue
Bohemian Rhapsody

January 2007
Deerhunter Heatherwood at Paper Thin Walls
Of Montreal Hissing Fauna Are You The Destoyer at eMusic