Pre-order your copy of Best Music Writing 2007

Best Music Writing 2007 is coming to a bookstore near you in early November! Or, it can arrive right in your mailbox via these fine print retailers:

Pre-order from your favorite indie book shop, Powell's Books, for $15.95

Eugene Weekly review of BMW07

A first glance blog review of the book comes in from Ms. Molly Templeton** of the Eugene Weekly.

Eugene Weekly, Monday 08/27/2007 - 13:26 — Molly Templeton

Da Capo Press's Best Music Writing 2007* just arrived — I mean seriously just arrived — in my inbox. This is one of my favorite book-arrival moments of the year: the quick perusal, the head-shaking, the nodding, the wondering why I haven't gotten around to reading last year's edition yet. This year, I think, I will read it. I will read it soon...(more here)

**DISCLAIMER: I went to college with Molly and worked with her on the illustrious NYU Program Board.


USA Today preview of BMW07

Whitney Matheson previewed the table of contents for Best Music Writing 2007 on her USA Today blog Pop Candy:

"Each year I get a little spring in my step when Da Capo Press' Best Music Writing lands on my desk. The anthology always manages to catch noteworthy articles I missed, and, by the time I've read them all, I've accumulated a list of artists/albums to take to the record store....(read more here)

FACTCHECK: Michaelangelo Matos's piece was published in the Back and Forth blog, which has a url with the words Beat Research, but not the name. Update!

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