Nov 2nd NYC Best Music Writing reading

NYC Reading November 2nd

Monday, November 2, 2009, 7pm
Housing Works Cafe
126 Crosby Street, NY
Free (books to donate highly encouraged)


Greil Marcus, Guest Editor

and 2009 Contributors:
Josh Eells
Charles Talyors
Jace Clayton
Nick Sylvester
Carrie Brownstein
Jody Rosen
Paul Ford
William Hogeland
Jesse Serwer 

BMW 2009 Out!

Best Music Writing 2009

10tn Anniversary Edition

Guest Edited by Greil Marcus

Out NOW!

French anti-pop consort

A few years ago a war raged between two grous, poptimists and the "rockists." They never managed to have a proper faceoff but generally argued pleasure of reception in the mass object v. the distinction of understanding a autonomously produced work of single authorship. Or something. Anyway this is the kind of thing the French have been arguing about basically forever.

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