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Other Notables 2011, thanks Matos!

Kudos to the fab Michaelangelo Matos for his annual track down of all the very worthy "Other Notable" writings that appear in the back of the Best Music Writing book. It's a painful process to get from that list down to the 35 or so pieces that go in print, and this really helps those worthy writers shine as they should.

Link is here.




Occupy Musicians

Please view Occupy Musicians

The site is for musicians who express their public support for the Occupy movement.


Please view Occupy Writers

The site is for writers who express their public support for the Occupy movement.There's lots of great writing there, but of special note for Music Issue readers might be the music writers below:

Jeff Sharlet

Will Hermes

and me, Daphne Carr


NYC Best Music Writing Reading 2 of 2: December 8 at Housing Works Cafe

The second evening of the week for Best Music Writing 2011 features guest editor Alex Ross, series editor Daphne Carr, and 2011 contributors:

Nate Chinen
Justin Davidson
Joe Hagan
David Hajdu
Jessica Hopper
Amy Klein
Jace Clayton
Caryn Ganz
Chris Norris


126 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012

Housing Works Café is a non-profit bookstore supporting New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS. Please bring used or new books to donate to their shop.

Flyer for the December 8 Best Music Writing reading

(FB invite)

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