December 2004
Exit Nightclub in Club Systems International

November 2004
Ricardo Villalobos Th? Au Harem D'archim¬Źde in Seattle Weekly

September 2004
Dance, Dance√ČRevolution? What if hip-hop embraced third-wave feminism? Scream Club, Northern State, and Gravy Train!!!! attempt to find out in Seattle Weekly
Dykehouse Midrange in Seattle Weekly
DJ Shadow: Live! In Tune and On Time in Seattle Weekly

August 2004
Sandy Sachs for Club Systems International
Middle East Club for Club Systems International

May 2004
Helge Sten Boxes Up Screes, Statics, Scrawls and Drones at the Village Voice

February 2004
Providence, RI at Venus Zine

January 2004 View from Rhode Island: Finding Providence at New Music Box

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