Month of March, 2004

thanks for all your help, daphne!!!

there's nothing more sinister to me than getting the subject message from a publicist when i write a good review of a record - it makes me feel like maybe i've done something wrong, or that christgau's cynical take on pop consumerism is creeping into my bones.

here's some weird instant voyeur intake for you, if you're in the kylie kind of mood.

Otherwise you'll be like the guys who ran the music industry

the target marketing of the future, tv style. i'm so far removed from tv culture at this point that it's hard to understand how and why people would allow themselves to be subjected to such techniques, and hasn't the internet proved that banner ad/click thru rates are pathetically low?

only old folks wear jammies

finished Bing! last night, in spite of myself and have to say this is prolly the first piece i've ever written that is truly not really even about the subject, but more totally focused on the representation of the subject in history. bing! is an interesting fellow, but covered in every way so i had to get creative. we'll see what the sound collectors think of it.

better book early before your children grow up!!!

I'm paranoid that I can't write something about ole' Bing for Sound Collector - what's more to say? - and was trying to research Jonzo, the label tirelessly putting down on CD every sound the man made on tape. In searching online I found, which you would be tempted to believe this the home of this psychotic collectors' label, but no. it isn''s something much more evil.

the sounds of joyous village songs interrupted by mic noise

i've been protooling all these old sound files from my euro tripping days and just wanting to kick my self for having such a horrible shitty mono mic. i've got wonderful market sounds w/ jajouka flutes and all that midnight train kinda stuff, but thrrp! crrrkp..snup snup...noise is where it ought not be. weird that at the time i thought 'i can just get rid of that noise later' as if the images i was taking were three dimensional - 100% controllable. maybe a product of my digital reproduction oriented brain?

poison apples for the music lover's soul

just when ya have a good idea, some new age quasi xtian babblers go and make mush of it. blah blah, reception theory can be for the strong too.


i just got interviewed about the music issue for my music theory tutor's class in ethnomusicology. argh blarg, talk about reversal of fortunes. he gently led me into chit chat about riot grrrl, which always makes me feel weird cause i was never really into RG music as much as politics/zine culture.

spring = dusting off indie rock records

today demanded that i open the windows, let the cat dabble in the spring air, and put on some red transparent double album indie goodness, aka three mile pilot. as paul j gets further in to his hoaky funeral march, it's good to revisit the slightly less-pretentious bombast of the early '90s. actually, was reviewing the "in the fishtank" CD, and had both Black Heart and Three Mile on at the same time, a more coherent mash of chords than Zaireeka, at least.

theron casts no shadow

ahh, the oscars. like my current reading (for a narsty anthro class) about textiles, i find that i can truly enjoy it because i have no personal involvement in the medium. film, as the surrealists said nearly 100 years ago, is the bravest and best medium. me, i can't deal w/ the sensory overload - music alone makes me crazy, and everything else is like overkill.