Month of April, 2004

you should call your grandparents and ask

today the world war II memorial opened in washington, dc. reading the article in the nytimes, i was struck by the sadness that 1,100 veterans of that war die every day. am reading 'homefront' by catherine lutz, which traces the history of ft. bragg, and address the camp-followers and war workers, many of them women, who go unpraised, relatively, for their work and hardship during this time.

the summer's here and the time is right...

people keep talking about the summer, and it makes me want to sing 'summertime' as covered by the zombies, which is one of the best songs by the best bands of the '60s, imho. flip flops, free movies outside, bike rides...i'm starting to sound like a playboy pin up.


ohh...i just got the baton and have to teach a 2.5 hr long class today on turn of the 20th century music, including everybody's favorite party animal, mahler. these are the types of things my nightmares are made of - quick, teach 20 kids something that you really don't like!

in case anyone wants to fly my to prague, tho, i would love to go to the prazske jaro series. also, dunno what's up with this czech world music series, but i have to learn more about that too.

spooky goth girls

okay, so i read Smithsonian but I'm under 50 and don't drive a Volvo stationwagon, sue me. I read an article about this sort of annoying seeming goth chick who considers herself an urban archaeologist and lurks around forgotten nyc places, taking pix and throwing parties. the big secret? this might be one of my lost at birth bosom buddies (so anne of ggables, ya!). only, i don't wear tights.


an article on session musicians, including Carol Kaye, who appears to be a totally kickass bass player (better even than kim gordon).


coming out of a listening cocoon and both the new broken spindles and of montreal have serious b.eno-isms. the faint dude lacks, does the byrne-era bush of ghosts plus synth minimalism thing, doesn't work, but of montreal (a band i have loathed since e6 was something you could namecheck in print without a sneer) manages to get the right amount of early-eno post glam ridiculousness (baby's on fire, only more reedy, which is to say, not as good as the o-rig) with their weird, badly realized rubber kick drum thing. sad band, them, but i can finally see a way in.


hey folks,

two things. my noise paper is now in working order, so if you missed my EMP presentation or are floating thru the world and thinking "geez, I really want to know a little bit about the Providence noise scene," then email me at

shouting the poetic truths of high school journal keepers

so, ya, i interviewed kim gordon on thursday, and although i mustered up the strength to transcribe the MD, and really it wasn't that bad, it felt like a total nightmare. i have zero desire for access, and would have never asked to do this if i didn't think i had something to say, but it was still nerve-wracking to talk to a woman who's art/life has so fully served as a sort of roadmap to autonymy when i was younger.

who doesn't want to meet their thurston, make a great alt.power couple, and become cultural emissaries w/o having to water down taste?

so out of touch, they even bribe the wrong people




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Hello Megan,

Wondering if you guys can start giving away tickets (5 pair) for Lollapalooza?  We're announcing this early.  Let me know if you can start these going.  We would like to get them up an going this weekend.  Pick a single day, if this is too overwhelming. Well get you more tickets later on.


in music, there are no losers

Met music writer Robert Morast at EMP last weekend. he's from Sioux City, N. Dakota, and I know exactly ONE PERSON who is also from this great state, a person named Chad who was learning to make hip hop beats at The Recording Workshop, this funny place I went to in the summer of 1997 to learn how to clean tape heads. Bet ya didn't know I could do that.

random long string word list type of thing

I just got an email from 'Watanabe Audio Death Claw,' who is promoting some b-list NYC off-night alt.DJ night, and was thinking 'what's up with this Voice-style Soluble Fish mashup of unsexy wordies to conjure an image like one of those tornados-in-a-glass instead of just making a nice, well structured point?' har.

when chickenheads come home to roost

okay, this is really disturbing to me, a man in a chicken suit just waiting for you to ask him to do the moonwalk.

we love you, get out

it's four in the morning...

pretty girls, pretty boys, have you ever heard your mama say...

noise annoys.

12:22 am, still going. i just decided that the whole 'community' aspect of my paper is going to be interview recordings. watch me get murdered by the vested-interest-in-critique-as-only-valid-form-of-music-writing folks.

hit me

hey, re: dialogue, i'm at, post me and tell me also can i post yr response on the music issue.