Month of May, 2004

and when he picked up the guitar, he was so much more sexy

last night i went with the posse to see fennesz and keith rowe at MIT, a "non-event" that seems to have been 'curated' instead of 'booked,' if you know what i mean. all tomorrow's parties ruined that word. rowe's set was hard for me to get in to with its base of machine hum, snips of stolen radio, weird surging cut outs of sound after sharp crescendos.

fine, i guess you don't look like nick cave

so, a few days ago i got into what became a very strange conversation/fight with someone about how ridiculous it was that i would posit that he looked like nick cave. the logic was not that he looked or didn't look like cave, but rather that the statement was bankrupt of meaning, because 1) he didn't know what nick cave looked like and 2) because of that, there was no acknowledged stylistic kinship, and thus I shouldn't be able to infer anything about his state-of-being from his weird, sartorial and bone-structure coincidence.

smarmy indie rock assholes should never be their own publicists

take yer pick.  if you've done your homework you'll know that music critics have said exactly those things so far.  or been similarly confused.  but only you can decide whether i'm offending you.

anyway, if you like the music, that's the important thing.


Ya, well, I'm really confused about this email - are you offending me,

my friend, my profession, my school or just being, you know, witty and


--- rob mccolley wrote:

the eu noise directive, order now on soleilmoon

Gross sent me this link about band and orchestra directors being exposed to high levels of noise. luckily, with decreased funding for all arts and social sciences programs through the magnificent failure of no child left behind, there only noise pollution teachers will experience will be while waiting in the long unemployment lines.

multi-mafia connections

okay, today i interviewed matt from bedhead/the new year for stop smiling, and turns out he is getting his doctorate at brown. yesterday i interviewed the head booking agent for the middle east, and he too is getting an advanced degree at brown. i'm officially part of some kind of fucked up, overeducated, overmotivated to privledge quasi-professional yuppie punk continuum. least i didn't go to harvard. uggh, i can't believe i even wrote that as a joke.

heteronormative my ass

am catching up on a discussion on girl group about the painting of on-stage and media personas of women in '70s nyc punk. kind of jv discussion, but intriguing in light of the tracy + plastics conundruum i've been having, etc. add 'feminist theory' to the heap of stuff i have to catch up on this summer. geez!

kmart sucks

so, sears is mad that a bitchy clerk in Mean Girls disses the company, and is now changing their whole fashion agenda. Does this mean Rain Man forced Kmart into bancrupty? what IS the power of pop culture in contemporary retail? more evidence that Josie & the Pussycats' excellent satire of the vertical integration of product/media was no kitsched-up posey parker teen drama puff piece, now was it?

hrmph. too lovely outside today to be inside blogging.


two amazing photographers on my mind today:

Jeff Winterberg, current Coptic Light bassist, punk rock photographer and wonderful human being, has a new book out called rat a tat tat birds, which you should check out not in the least bc i think there might be a very very funny picture of yrs truly somewhere inside.

destroy all frog eyes

okay, officially a nerd, blogging a show i saw only this evening at 2:22am. too wound up to sleep...

nico, hot tea, googling yrself

these are things you do when it's unusually cold on a may sunday afternoon. good, because i found this article about EMP by the lovely writer Richardo Baca.

the watusi

so, i've been watching this seven part history of rock, and what i've mostly taken from it is that there need to be more rock and roll dance crazes, because if you want to embrace pop, faddishness and the beat/body, what better way? i think that i'm going to make up a dance for the new !!! album, bc it's so damn weird and good that it deserves a dance craze.

We love those alleys because they have not been gentrified

in daphne's ever freakout about where to live in nyc, come august, i can now add this. even the alleys cost $10,000 a day.

FRC three = "most intense live show experience"

So, I'm making this the open call for Front Row Center #3. FRC is a zine dedicated to fandom in general, writing about fandom in the specific. It is a free, evolving, printed zine available to anyone who writes me/emails me/contributes/finds one in the world.

bigot in the classroom (please talk free?)

Main Entry: big·ot

Pronunciation: 'bi-g&t

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle French, hypocrite, bigot

Date: 1661

: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices

- big·ot·ed /-g&-t&d/ adjective

- big·ot·ed·ly adverb

moore stupid white men


from the NYTIMES, michael moore's new movie about the links between Bush and terrorist regimes has been blocked by its distributor's umbrella company, Disney. Here's my fav quote:

don't hate me bc i'm beautiful

saw tracy + the plastics, the quails and wikkid last night, which had its highs and lows. wikkid was shambolic but good, a little too march beaty for me, but generally kind of scissor girls mid-90s chicago which i can love but know is so retro. the quails were fun for five songs, all matching outfits and sounds that reminded me of tilt (skatecore!), but got old when they started lecturing the audience (fucking awesome girrlies proviland) about 'getting active,' like, duh!