Month of June, 2004

where the sun don't ever shine

hey folks, am in deadwood, south dakota visiting the most super casinoed up shoot out wild west town i've ever seen. then again, i've only seen this one. it's hella packed with those gliched out men in suits and walkie ear bud things like all new fangled small town casino rackets are. crazy! wooden facades, calamity jane spottings, all of it.

i don't really need to know my commuter bus number yet - why am i so anal?

just before two a.m., am printing out directions for various places along the way that will be my temporary autonomous zones. am also slightly freaking out about actually living in seattle, like, how the hell am i going to figure out the bus system? of all my beloved forms of mass transit, the bus is my least. it's still a dumb, lumbering above ground fossil fuel traffic jamming skycraper on wheels, so sickingly 19th century they should be pulled by mules. okay, i digress.

sooner or later, one of us must know

From shameless magazine, a new teen women's magazine directed at 'girls who get it.' Many a lady I've been friends with has indeed talked about doing a mag like this, and having seen Bust in a truck stop in central PA once, I think it might sort of maybe sort of be coming true, in some ways. My problem lies maybe in the explicit stance of the magazine, as evidenced through the "language and tone" guide for prospective writers, copied below.

belladonna, bust v. 'under my thumb,' four rock critics on the beach

father's day surprise - my dad reads my blog! to suspend lurid tales of drug bings, tax evasion and wanton crass behavior? to be seen.

pinball, pizza, humidity and transcription

been wondering where i've been? well, in wildwood of course! not too much in the world of music to report, although there are two ridiculous songs on ROCK radio right now that i'd like to get to the bottom of:

- a song about 1984 and other distopian type signifiers that's sung in the post-emo whiny thin pop punk voice

-a song about L.A. being on fire..on the day after tomorrow soundtrack, maybe?