Month of August, 2004

seattle all gone

am here at work finishing up a book of info about the history of new wave, and looking through these pictures is making me excited about the prospect of making music again.

borges, huguenots, and me

in addition to the massacre of 70,000 French Protestants in 1572, this day has the honor of being my birthday. i'm closer to 50 than unborn, icck!

the retrofuture

for a while, that's what i wanted to have as my url. the site there is pretty cool although i could do without the ubiquitous church of bob heads on any type of website ever again. there's just so much kitsch of this nature existing in the world, it's hard to schelp thru it all.

a sight to behold

devendra banhart's 'rejoincing in the hands' has become something of a warm blanket for me, and when he says "my flesh sings out, it sings come pour me out' on the song "the body breaks" i always think he's saying 'my flesh sings cole porter songs,' which i wish were the lyrics. would it be that my flesh sung such things. other than irving berlin's "blue skies," i think my favorite standard of the moment isNight and Day. i love the false front of a song like this, 'the beat beat beat of the tom-tom'

master musicians

today i interviewed dave meinert, who part-owns the Mirabeau Room here in beautiful Seattle. Who cares, you say?

the gay parade

Homo A Go Go didn't levitate, it didn't even get off the ground for me. Standing outside the Capitol Theater, I was amid a closed-off street full of high fashion queers, a sea of turned backs and brushed elbows to get inside, get outside, get by.

sick stricken emo afternoon

reverse of matos' recent post, i had the 'radio releases your inner demons' afternoon drive to work. shitty traffic, more than yr average very well dressed homeless sign-touters and the disturbing wash of fear that very soon i will have no where to live and what comes on but everybody hurts, prompting me to not only go further into my funk but feel the weird duel guilt of knowing what i feel has been refected well in someone's art.

the internet is full of music

so today was the day that i really got hooked on rhapsody. i spent four hours with his enormous spreadsheet full of new wave, post punk, early hip hop, AOR, and assorted early '80s genres (tu-tone, rockabilly revival, industrial, early goth, baggy?), which I was trying to create a timeline from, and just kept running into roadblocks. what DOES style council sound like? why does everyone love paul weller, he's such a Who ass kissing louse it seems (and hey, I like the Jam and the mod revival in general) and well, why didn't Daniel Miller do more with the Normal?


apparently out of stock but so in style, thevalley girl costume - fer sure.

in the audience

okay- i'm back on the front row center tip, so any stragglers who want to write 350 words-ish on their most intense live show (seen or played, or imagined) please do so in the next week and send me yr story....(