Month of September, 2004

obligingly warbled an old indian tune into the phonograph

ever wonder what i'm doing when i'm not conquering the world through writing reviews for AMG?

gone the way of the dodo, do these headphones hide my ipod?

the viola may be "clumsy to play, and uncomfortable to write for," maybe only not weeded out of the worldbecause who wants to make the violinists happy? but you know, i do love a good viola player, and even bad ones. i firmly believe that people gravitate to instruments because of the aesthetics of that instrument, and i love a dark, fatalist viola player.

parking lot shows bushwick 2004

so, my apartment, i might have mentioned, gives me some anxiety. it's really far away from the city and sometimes i just plain feel like i live in philly, only there's no dudes in sweatpants eating cheesesteaks at 8am in the morning down the block from me, and considerably less trash on the streets. whatever. there are single family stand alone dwellings on my street, which does not bespeak of metropolis.

location, location, location

this evening i interviewed climax golden twins for a piece on the use of field recordings in contemporary sound art and composition for new music box. i was struck at the show by their incredibly well-timed and charming senses of humor, which is of course juxtaposed to the isolationist icescapes, victrola nostalgia and weird found sound collage that sometimes turns crate-digging music nerds into mad, junk culture vultures with an over-refined eye for the absurd.

frosted tips torched by alt.weekly - shocking!

a friend forwarded me this link to a piece on the ten most hated men in rock and the most interesting thing about it to me is that the dubious selection process included "a secret eleven-man panel." can you believe bush-era tainted ballots and backroom business has even infected the once venerable and transparent world of hating on celebrities?

mad max meets dr. brilliant, helps me find two apartments

From the NYtimes article on Craigslist:

"Lately, Mr. Newmark's pet project is making sure that apartment rental agents in New York do not post in a section reserved for no-fee apartment listings."


back to life, back to reality

Sooo. Drove back crosscountry, saw a few county fairs and landed ass first in Bushwick. I've had a little getting used to this neighborhood, and don't think I'll really get adjusted still for some while. There's something strange and unsettling about the fact that I seem to moving further and further away from the NYC core as I continue to live in this town.