Month of November, 2004

cutie-pies plucked from the food court

man, the burn is comin down on kelefa now in the city pages, which is only certain to make his prose more important and accentuate how reactionary and sad the very fogies defending themselves really are. it's hard for me to believe that an argument that's been bubbling around both in universities and magazine editorial departments, in freelance circles and record shops, on ilx ferchristsakes, can manage to surprise or offend anyone. it's like WAKE UP DUDES, IT'S NOT THE 70s ANYMORE.

how to destroy angels

john balance, founding member of coil, is dead at 44.

if i can't dance...

I don't want to be part of your revolution. (emma goldman)

i'm only going to ask this once - sponsor me to dance the night away at Move Against AIDS and win both peace of mind and funny photos of the drama no doubt unfolding over the evening. They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

and you thought godard killed the stones

it's bad luck when your moniker rhymes with RIP, but give a second forODB. Just a few from 36. Can't win with letters or numbers. i guess my first album is going to be titled 'i'm livin' to 100 and will die in my sleep.'

your voiceover is no whisper in my ear

saw Fade To Black last night at the 42nd street theater - crazy rain, cold so that a woman in the bathroom said "I'm from Florida - I can't STTTTANNDDD this" which prompts question, did Jeb take away at the cinemas in the sunshine state? If no, then why trample OUR city just to spend extra to see a movie on a small screen?

music makes memories you've never had

so, i've been travellling for the last three weeks. my grandpa died. i didn't want to write about it on my blog, cause it's so dramatic/emo/smacks of desperation for attention, but you know what?

join us.

the ideal way to prevent another Manhattan

kudos of course to k.'s anti-rockist manifesto, which is even more amusing than usual bc it anticipates its own backlash- that k! - which i suppose means that in some ways, k is still playing the rockist's games, even as he urges readers and indeed, his fellow writers, to examine how they use music writing and think about what 'pop music' is.