Month of December, 2004

feeling hunky dory

Back from Ohio, slowly getting back into the world of NYC and yes, yes, still looking for somewhere to live for 2/1. I had a quiet, sort of wonderful xmas that involved ice-skating, roller skating and sled riding as well as shots on xmas day, lekvar pierogies, buckeyes and as Caleb said, cheese of every type in the natural and processed world. Setting by Gummo, culture by the Deer Hunter, this is my Ohio.

cold-blooded old times

At least the ACLU will condemn the illustrious city of Warwick (my hometown for all of two months after my apartment fire last year) and their decision to change the liquor license for the owner of a hip hop club where a shooting had occurred. Uncanny how both the Ohio shooting was invoked and that this occured within a week of the Oregon anti-hip hop club decision. Please, dear readers, keep sending me examples of this type of censorship for my paranoid mind to process.

the bellydancing christmas tree

in the middle of final cramming bs but took time out to read a listserv post inviting me to a show where the talents of said subject would be employed - how's that for holiday cheer? i love people's weird attempts to be non-traditional while still embracing the tiny baby jesus - really! i'm the most pro-tradition atheist you might meet, which is why i think i study ethnomusicology - i simply must steal all the world's traditions, sift thru them, and make my own hybrid faux religion no unlike that of genesis p. and create a cult who will take part in my ceremonies. what should be first?

say goodbye to anal magic

in the annals of anti-anal that is the FCC, a friend said that the WFMU show Anal Magic by Kenny G was recently asked to change its name. Now, come on. It's WFMU, and the guy is clearly into subversion - aren't there like Lindsay Lohan songs to go pick on or something?

She's Leaving Home

Hey blog readers:

You may not have known this, but I have been a gal in conflict. I have ended my angst and decided to move from my distant Bushwick digs to somewhere, anywhere closer to school, friends, record stores, signs of life, etc. I need your help tho, because everyone I know is happily dug in to their own places, and I need a roomie to look with or a decent place to move in to. My, you know, roommate bio, is below:

darkness on the edge of town

Hmm...just read about how a Medford, Oregon decided to not let E-40 play a show at their teen club bc of his affiliation with 'gang culture.' Curiously, he'd played there in '01 and '03.

the politics of dancing

Went to the Move Against AIDS benefit last night, and danced with my Witches of Eastwick team. I'm happy to announce that we made, I think, $5000 among the 12 of us. Theme for the evening: the inevitable Madonna remix. Both Danny and Junior dropped theirs, and everyone else played their Beyonce or Britney 3rd wave.

band nerds and orchestra geeks

went to see anti-social music last night, a sort of orchestra of talented musicos playing fuzzboxed, be-pedalled, scored ensemble works, all the while wearing converse and jeans.

dimebag darrell r.i.p.

the story of the shooting of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott is one of the sickest and most horrible things that has happened in music probably since Woodstock 1999. (I would include the Station fire, but it was an accident. For amazing coverage of how that event unfolded, see the Providence Journal's 160 stories, including a step-by-step of the club's ownership, about the tragedy).

Every step that I take is another mistake to you

according to billboard:


The seemingly odd pairing of a multiplatinum artists from the rap and

rock worlds takes an underground concept to the pinnacle of the

mainstream as "MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Presents Jay-Z/Linkin Park:

Collision Course" bows atop The Billboard 200 this week. The Warner

Bros./Roc-A-Fella CD/DVD set sold 368,000 copies in the United States,

according to Nielsen SoundScan.

i know i won't be leaving here with you

so, franz ferdinand was nominated for three grammy's. blah blah, can anyone even stand that song anymore?

today is shitty/raing/garbage. i have gotten myself a ny public library card so i can rent movies, and the first is black orpheus. back in the "front row center" zine days (which still could come again), a friend of a friend wrote me an eloquent essay about how that album was the high point of sophistication for his father's generation, and i'm sad to say i haven't heard it. hopefully i'll get a little clued in.

or the myth of fingerprints

i got sucked into an ethnomusic night and i didn't even know it. a friend of a friend was playing at joe's pub, which isn't something that happens to me often since, well, joe's pub is classy and expensive and usually full of yuppies or people dancing to hip hop and while i wish i had more friends who were always dancing to hip hop, right now i don't. feel free to ask me if you're out there.

lil skateboard P

Today I have officially reached saturation point with "Drop It Like It's Hot." Yes, I am charmed when Pharrell calls himself "lil skateboard P" but not so in his earlier allusion to the relative whitness of his yacht. Maybe this is his way of trading in hipster cache for street cred -which, I'm sure in the cyclical nature of male-infatuation grown up, only means more hipster cred. Alas, what would the world be without crass depictions of oral sex? Certainly no place for the Hidden Cameras. And ya, Snoop rhymes side with side in this lazy ass little video game jam, totally lame.

more like jenny from a flock of pigeons

Ya, I've been lax. Here's what's been going on:

1) I lost my voice in the middle of my annual 'call every club in the US for Club Systems' spree. Also, I interviewed Daniel Givens with 100% no voice - the MD transcription was high comedy - he's a gracious man and his CD is difficult but worth the spin.