Month of January, 2005

song and dance men

oh, moving day. while waiting for the demon uhaul to return so i can begin this upstairs downstairs drama, i thought i'd blog about this bizarre little experience of seeing bright eyes/ tilly and the wall/ coco rosie.

nix my dumb tix

also, forgot to blog that the kills interview was hilarious and wonderful in ways that will be revealed in publication format. suffice to say, i immersed myself in the fantasy and came out something of a believer. also, i realized that i like the record, especially after having a drink with a dude tonight who was like, 'the girl from the kills is sooo awesome - she was in DISCOUNT!!!

the sad sad tale of molly bawn

the dollar store near my house put out boxes on tuesday night, in the middle of the second dusting of snow that has rendered new york city a wasteland of rock barriers, deadly slushfilled footpathes and battle of wills one lane bridge chicken (why why why am i stuck behind the doddling cute old man on the sidewalk with only a 1.5 foot clearance, why?). they put out ten perfect, wonderful hawaiian punch (fruit juicy red) boxes that fix four stacks of 25 CDs perfectly - the automation of all things means that the HP and the CD are interchangable (what would hawaiian punch sound like?

she's lost control

NME reports, and very heavily out in the blogosphere already, is news that there's a new Ian Curtis bio scheduled to be directed by Anton Corbijn, which is exciting as Corbijn's weird fetishist parade memorial video of him always seemed to fit the myth best of all. Sadly, the story will be based on Deborah Curtis' disturbing and poorly written 'Touching From A Distance," which deals mainly with their young, fucked up relationship and left me feeling ill-informed but still angry for its narrow perspective. And, of course, Mr.

no wow.

am listening to the kills record because i have to interview them tomorrow at the chelsea hotel, because they like to stay in edie sedgwick's room. i am not making this shit up. the first song on their new album is called no wow. ahm. ya, i hear ya on that. i really liked well, i really liked the song "superstition" on Keep On Your Mean Side, cause I thought that she, VV?, sounded like PJ...but she's from Florida. why does she keep saying 'ain't'?

snow on my windchimes

Mr. Rubato

It's 3:23 am and I am telling the world that I am done with my ethno prosem paper. Maybe it's a month late and a page short of what everyone else's was, but I'm okay with that.

know your enemies

Janet boob hating FFC Chairman Michael Powell is stepping down today, no doubt to go consult for the the MPAA or something. One bad leader in, another out. As we say in Tralfamador, so it goes.

Have been maaaaaaad lately with school, writing and moving. I FOUND SOMEWHERE TO LIVE. Montrose and Lorimer, ghetto direct, L train feasible, walk in closet you would sublet for over 500 usd - totally exciting.

end of tape, found high lonesome sounds, and finished projects

Yesterday I handed in the manuscript for the new Studs Terkel music book - some 416 pages containing fifty years of oral histories with everyone from famous opera stars, conductors and impresarios to jazz legends, folksters and even Janis Joplin. Good things come of this factchecking mission - I am now a wealth of arcane knowledge about the death of Bessie Smith, and also, I found out about John Jacob Niles, 'the dean of american balledeers,' who collected folksongs in th early 1900s and who recorded them, accompanying himself on lute or dulcimer, along with his reedy, high-pitched voice.

your moves are so raw

think you've got what it takes to be Michael Hutchence? if you're 21, harbor jim morrison daydreams, find yrself wearing sunglasses inside over often and ARE NOT already in an up and coming death disco band, check this out. icck gads!

rap up

an being lame and doing my pazz and jop comments, skimming email and found Skillz '04 rap up.

do the whirlwind

feeling indie-popped and without a tune - there's a new weird dance track by Architecture In Helsinki called Do the Whirlwind, which leaves the Fingers Crossed land of languishing, open structures and goes all basic descending keyboards and cutiesie vox - the beginning is simply crystalline and enchanting though, so listen for at least 10 seconds.

awesome things i've listened to today:

army of dreamers

am crrrrrazy and fact-checking this studs terkel music book - I love doing this work so much, it's the most wonderful close reading on the history of American performance, what hyperlinks would be like if you didn't get sloppy and forget you were reading, funny, weird and tangential - in short, the perfect inter-semester job for me. Send me more fact-checking, it rules!