Month of February, 2005

freak folk n the jammies, a not so subtle shift

did the whole 'support tonic' thing and went to see Devendra on Monday. Yikes! Dude looks good in earrings (ya I crush, love those teeth, you're right!) and wow the Rejoicing material was beautiful, artful and joyously offhand yet there's his voice filling the whole room with tiny little brushes of guitar, then then then...the stage was suddenly full of freaks!

nightclubs, hip hop, making out on couches

I just wrote this for class. Does anyone know more about the history of pre-disco dance clubs and violence? I am thinking mod bank holidays, etc etc. and the types of weaponry (switchblades - but guns?) involved. The argument I make about hip hop and violence is not entirely fleshed out, so don't think me some asshole Tipper Gore freak, just point me towards better resources.

-------in praise of shadows---------

center of the world

what's in a favela, once you look past the booty

Had a brief conversation with Columbia's OTHER totally amazing ethnomusicologist, Ana Marie Ochoa about the rise of interest in Rio's favela 'funk'. Ochoa has spent a considerable amount of time working with members of Brazil's slums, and hadn't heard that this portion of the musical output had made it hipside (via Diplo, no?) in the last year or so.

caring is the new not caring

...and finishing a respectable 228, just behind K. Sanneh on the critical alignment of P&J, is me. I am proud to point out that Philip Sherburne ranks lowest on my critic friends to P&J attenuation scale, with an impressive rank of 730 out of 791. I am confounded that Caryn Brooks is my most, umm, populist ranker at 56. Whoda thunk it?

things that make you go hmm...

sooo. this dude i met this week read my blog for the first time and said afterward to my roommate 'it seems that daphne hates music,' which is weird and weird and well, not really true cause well, music rules! and i live by that one. so, if anyone who has read the 200 plus posts to this blog is still in confusion - i heart music, and music heart (the best wilsons in the rock world) and eat, sleep, boop boop a doop and shoop music, so get yr head on straight and know it!

MIA 'n the girls

Louise Wener's piece about the lack of women rockers for the Guardian makes me think about a question Simon Reynolds asked me athe MIA show this Saturday.