Month of March, 2005

sounds like mellon collie

oh, i forgot to brag that last night i heard a track from the upcoming sufjan album 'illinois' a grand, epic track full of big whispered multi-tracked vocals, many strings and i think i remember piano - very little or no guitar. angelic harmonies closed the thing out - no danielson. ultra hush hush - i was duly impressed and impressions of it sounding 'a lot like mellon collie and the infinite sadness' were made. yaaaay! still no song titles. i am relieved, being only a mild fan of seven swans.

p2p and long live the free

Wired reports about Slim Moon and the Decemberists' decision to legally release their "Sixteen Military Housewives"video on BitTorrent in efforts to gain a larger audience. While I haven't been madly following the paid-content/p2p debate as closely as I had in the past, SXSW snapped me out of the mid-revolution complacency. In 2002, when Napster got shut down, I would have laughed my head off if you told me the iTunes/Rhapsody/Emusic models would gain a healthy buzz and business.

MIA sabotaged my Thursday

How could I have forgotten that I saw Billy Idol close down Wednesday night?

sxsw, exteme pygmy slaying music, day 1 and 2

Here's my Village Voice Motley Crue piece, covering the MSG show.

sxsw, exteme pygmy slaying music, day 1 and 2

Here's my Village Voice Motley Crue piece, covering the MSG show.

going to the desert

first, a plug - the new Boxing Issue of Stop Smiling is out - get it!

Also, my stories on the Main Squeeze Orchestra and The Tiny are out now in Venus...

michael mayer

Kate Sullivan's plea for the salvation of an LA indie free-format radio station as a letter to God.

Geeta's piece with Michael Mayer

schaffel beat

fake drums, mbv, pure sound/pure writing

Am taking transcription and analysis, known coquettishly as T&A, this semester. After fumbling around with 1) score paper and 2) waveform analysis, we have 'moved on' to and older way of transcribing. Writing. I was asked to 'write a transcription of a song I know well.'

blanket at the beach

Last night I saw Ratatat and The Double at the Knit - went to see the Double on the strength of the song "Blanket on the Beach," which was a constant hum-along on the drive back from Seattle this summer (singing in cars as one of life's great pleasures). The set was shakey, ill-planned and lacking in dynamics, evidence that the duo turned foursome might still have their heads in the studio than in the show. I guess signing to Matador will shake them of that. I always worry about bands that compensate noise for complexity of song form - or do i?