Month of June, 2005

accordions and virgins, unite!

Do you love, hate or play the accordion? My friend Maria is conducting a survey about accordions for her MA project. Take 2 minutes and fill it out!

sublet my apartment for august 2005, ya

Do you or someone you love need an August sublet in Williamsburg? I will surely be in Praha for the month and looking to not pay rent. Help a sister out.

Loving: Mariah Carey, Decomposure, Colleen, Wolf Parade, the second 1/2 of the New Pornographers record, windsor for the derby's newest. Are they the best band who sucks live?

xtian rock

Don't normally do this, but am posting directly about my piece in this week's City Pages, on xtian rock. I went through a few rewrites on it and moved from first person essay to trying to take the idea of secular listening to spiritual music in general. Thoughts?

seal the envelope, mail it to myself

I daphne carr being of mostly sound mind and body do hereby declare that I had a pennyfarthing bicycle tattoo long before this video and that I am in fact only psychically related to Billy Corgan by two coincidences of the oeuvre and one adolescent obsession. Okay, and post-adolescence. When does that end?

Mutek as a newbie


Amazing city with not but two sets of world spectacle residuals - the '76 Olympics and the Expo 67 - for me to visit and photograph in my catalog of distopian modernist architecture. Went to the biosphere and biodome, where little French-Canadian children kept running around shrieking 'le penguin!!!!!' which is actually adorable, as are most things shrieked in what would otherwise be totally out-of-context (how often can you shout 'the penguin' and be referencing something in the room?) that starts with Le.


"They ripped us off," said Gibby.

Saw the Flaming Lips docu "Fearless Freaks" last night at Pioneer. I remember another docu abt them I saw at CMJ a while back, and thinking it was pretty silly and not very good, and well, Beesley goes way to the other side being as not-silly as possible.