Month of July, 2005

v praze: end of the technoparty

first post from prague:

got in yesterday, having sat in the last row, last seat of the plane i could see the surly and generationally diverse cleaning crew come up through the back of the plane - all in stretch pants, taking turns kicking the roller vac around the runway while waiting for the mobile staircase to get wheeled into position. welcome to the czech republic.

felt and fat

greetings from london, pt. 1 of 1:

kylie and red wine

jammed an awesome goodbye for Amy Phillips and said self on Tuesday at 12 inch bar - thanks for coming out! I had a retro DJ set all worked out, but things chilled out around quarter of one and I was ouuuut. So out, of course, that I left my cell phone and had to back in a mad dash the next day, after rollicking in the brutal surf of Jones Beach. Was great to be at such a clean beach but I missed the madness of Coney Island.

the blob!

A departure from the regularly scheduled programming, to bring you:

Blob tales from Ohio, pt. 1

Dear readers,

I am home, one a.m., stood up by my high school prom date and instead having watched Sideways with my mom. The clerk at the grocery store said, "like, everyone who returns this movie says that it's totally boring" after I had just said, "mom all my friends parents loved this movie." This is of course after getting shot down about Hotel Rwanda. It mentioned minority conflict, and the minority weren't (obviously) from outer space.

she certainly can can-can

My Hockey Night q&a is up - long live Paul Sprangers and the Red Wing pop posse. This is the second time I've written something about someone I know, the first time being a story about how my cousin was obsessed with Rick Springfield, which was maybe on some kind of online version of Hit It Or Quit It a few years ago. Writing about the familiar makes me itchy.

sad news on a day when we're all looking to chicago rock

Police say suicidal woman caused crash that killed three others
Saturday, July 16, 2005 Last updated 7:37 a.m. PT


SKOKIE, Ill. -- An allegedly suicidal woman accused of causing a
high-speed crash that killed three Chicago rock musicians has been charged
with first-degree murder and aggravated battery, and is being held under
guard at an Evanston hospital.

lady sovereign's massive debut

In the latest chapter of Knitting Factory ingenue debuts, Lady Sovereign kept the crowd waiting until midnight to come out on stage and rap over skipping CDs with backing vocals last night, blah blah-ing the blog and critic nerd posse (who were out in FULL EFFECT, tho I leave it to someone else to list cause 'i'm a girl and i don't make lists, even about sublebrity spottings) and otherwise crunching her possibility of anything beyond the back Fader cover. "Yo!

douglas made me do it too

As per Wolk and Matos, here is some q&a when I should be doing something...else?

What is the oldest article of clothing still in active use in your wardrobe?

criticism and the fop with the monocle

Lots of talk about this article about literary folks jumping into the music criticism game.

london, subways

annie get your gun

My interview with David Barker ran on Stop Smiling Online yesterday. It was supposed to run print, but alas..

am a madwoman of writing, interviews and shows.