Month of August, 2005

V praze: crawlspace, castle tour, throwing up in public, or just another weekend on a Czech punk tour.

You may wonder what I've been up to. What have I been up to? Things got a little wild since I started working for Tamizdat, and well, I between school (like going to work, long days, much studying), work (writing album reviews for the site), ex-currics (tours, lectures, etc) and trying to get some other visions of Prague + work on several late and current projects – life has been too much to blog about. Wow, I just realized how much this is like that annoying part of a zine where the editor complains about how late the finished product is.

v praze: required listening from CZ and PL

well, if you're reading this, you might be wondering what i've been up to, but i can't tell you now because i'm busy at work. so you should instead hunt down some tracks by these people:

Deuce from Poland, like crazy wonderful mix of my diamond sky high radical friend Luke Lucky Dragons Fishbeck and the artschool video explosion of Mixel Pixel. Also, he dude is part of what seems to be a rad collective that I would know about if I had time and money to read the Wire.

z prahy: new suits

The motley crue of mostly advanced Czech students boarded the bus Saturday, 9am, late, which is to say, way late by Czech standards. While most of the buses parked in the lot outside my bedroom balcony window are of the fancy, tinted windows take no prisoners tourism type, this was a good old fashioned excursion bus – something you want to attach speakers to and pile out of to steal a pee like a prankster of olde.

z praze: Rebelove, the Czech Grease

I have now been in czech school for one week and living that true definition of sophmoric in that I believe that I might understand some things, or be able to speak because it makes sense in books and in my head, but it comes out all spit, halt and blah when I'm trying to actually communicate. Luckily, I have made a friend - Lorenzo - who is good at just throwing things out there to see if they work, and it makes it easier for me to follow suit.