Month of September, 2005

in lieu of thoughts: pictures

...been writing...reading...working...

someone just sent this link for the fun and fashion of split enz

CMJ 2005 wrap up

So fantastic and low key, my CMJ 2005 mostly because I avoided the drama and hype by going to the path of least resistance. Highlights:

drowned out by the technological cresendo of the city

The upside of coming back Praha drained and stuffed straight back to school is that I now have no idea that waking at 7:30am isn't very punk - makes sense. Get a lot done. Have some tea, chill with the cat, watch the baseball field get finished across the street (where I used to lay and curse it).

quintron news


As I am sure you all must and Miss Pussycat got
out.....most of our instruments were also evacuated, but the entire
electronics lab was destroyed and many Pussycat paintings and puppets
were also lost. Also, the house (SPELLCASTER LODGE) is
questionable.......the front gable blew off and the whole downstairs
(the LODGE) was REALLY the underwater dance club for about 3-4 days.
Unfortunately the only things dancing were dead animals, benzine, E-

when the levee breaks


you may know of my lifelong love for new orleans. my father worked at tulane, my aunt went to tulane and she and her husband lived there and worked for texaco for quite some time. In 1998 I too lived there for a summer, one of the best summers of my life and certainly one of the most influential to me in terms of thinking about the impact of music on a community. I have gone to maybe seven Mardi Gras' celebrations and have marked Magazine Street as the place of my retirement, in 2035.

home again home again. vma 1am whisky bs

it's one a.m. wednesday, i have completely lost my voice but i am home. well, i am in brooklyn. tomorrow begins school and then all moves from there.

VMAs. wtf "My boyfriend tells me about all the cool bands like....AFI..." umm. your boyfriend has bad skin and his band sucks. put that on a t-shirt, duffy. and girl, you could throw darts at the racks in HMV and have better taste than him, so dump him, date yr nearest nerdboy record clerk and make some Suicide dreams come true.