Month of November, 2005

jersey boys

am about to disappear likely for the next two weeks - masters due on the 6th.

shotgun wedding

Shotgun wedding. Called three and one half weeks in advance. Bought tickets. Whisky.
Church. Wood paneled foyer. Picture of the new pope, too small in the room. Robin’s egg blue. Friend from the Navy flies in on “a shotgun flight” and ushers. One half church Irish one half church Italian. Babies everywhere. Someone is karaoke singing songs, sentimental country ballads I don’t know. Suspect they are by the same artist whose CD was for sale at the check-out at JC Penny’s this afternoon while buying novelty underwear with mom.

the catalog.

From the Future of Music Coalition newsletter comes the most point blank statement about the change in how we think about music and its commodity status:

In other words, the music industry is moving rapidly away from selling albums to monetizing the value of accessing and interacting with entire catalogs of music. As the music industry changes, we need a copyright system that compensates all the members of the creative team for their work.

Sweeter than the music of a lovesick mocking bird

Stroll, don't cakewalk, on over to the Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project to hear an amazing collection of 5,000 cylinder recordings from the 1890s-1912. Read more about cylinder recording and then put on your smoking jacket and listen to the Early Black Artists and Performers radio show with a fire burning and Nipper at your feet.

Some days I just love the internet.

it was a bear costume, not a bunny costume

hey i'm teaching Bartok tomorrow in class. i can't seem to find any movie stills from the scenes of the twins in the hallway, aka, the adagio section of music for strings. what is the internet coming to?

formed a band

yes, that's right. saw art brut last night after falling mildly in love with them sometime this summer, likely after being stuck in the car with some pitchfork writers on the way up to mutek.

soft news

Man, I really HAVE always wondered why drivers mount stuffed animals to truck grilles, I mean, in a kind of urban, anthropological sense. I wish I had written this article.

nyu on strike: even bono supports

Today NYU grad students began their strike after NYU refused to renegotiate after the expiration of their 2000 contract as part of Local 2110 of the United Auto Workers. After securing the first ever contract for a private university, the NYU grad students lost support as National Labor Relations Board, given a Republican majority by George Bush, in July 2004 reversed an historic 2000 ruling that acknowledged graduate students as "employees" not "students."