Month of December, 2005

derek bailey, r.i.p.

from the wirelist:

Derek Bailey died aged 75 in London in the early hours of December 25. He had motor neuron decease.

jingle bell rock

Great piece about the Waitresses "Christmas Wrapping" here. I have to say, I could never get in to Tin Huey, but Chris Butler nailed it with that perfect slice of bratty gal new wave.

listen lively tonight

so the wxpn live at the kelly writers house gig i did on monday will be airing tonight:

10pm on 88.5fm in Philadelphia or live streaming here. I think it will exist somewhere in archived form also, on the Kelly Writers House website.

Live at the Kelly Writers House 12/12

Last minute promo!: Am reading at the Kelly Writers House in Philly tomorrow with some awesome rock critic ladies. If you're in the hood, please stop by and make absurd faces while I'm trying to sound cool into a microphone in front of a live audience. Yikes.

at the University of Pennsylvania
3805 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
fax: 215.573.9750

it's done

178 pages without a conclusion done, only slept two hours last night but somehow in that time it snowed 3 inches done, champagne toast at 10:35am done.

more later.