Month of January, 2006

this is a call

need some good advice:

As you likely know, I'm the new series editor for the Da Capo Best Music Writing
books. In an attempt to make my time with the title fruitful to me as a writer/editor and to understand and hopefully expand the way in which writing is viewed as "good" or "great" or "noteworthy" or "essential" or any of those other value-laden words, I am also working on an independent study through my ethnomusicology department on the subjects of valuation of "writing about music." This is where you come in:

built for performance

funny article about new electronic instruments" in the nytimes a few days ago, starring my friend Shawn Greenlee whose music is truly fierce, growling loudass noise, one of the few laptop dudes who really get it that raw.

33 1/3 news is in: long live the mall goths!

okay folks, in the world of good news, i am thrilled to see my name among so many friends here, and thrilled because my writing will take me back to ole' ohio this summer. will keep you posted.

"If You're Feeling Sinister" by Scott Plagenhoef
"Aja" by Don Breithaupt
"Shoot Out the Lights" by Hayden Childs
"Pretty Hate Machine" by Daphne Carr
"Use Your Illusion" by Eric Weisbard
"Horses" by Phil Shaw
"Double Nickels on the Dime" by Mike Fournier
"Pink Moon" by Amanda Petrusich

The Veronicas: now there are two more Kelly Clarksons and they're both singing my song

warning, blog veers dangerously into per-zine land:

Until very recently, I had prided myself on being a relatively jealousy-free human. Jealousy seems to be the most poisonous relational emotion. There is always a triangle, and the anxiety is so often misdirected on the 'other,' when it is clearly primarily residing in the jealous one and in some way related to the one-in-the-middle. I thought I'd slayed my own jealousy beast but friends, it has reared its head recently in this ugly way that's got me feeling all down the line of bad.

the angels forget to pray for us

"the best of leonard cohen" was given to me my freshman year of college by this red-headed girl from the midwest who had big round vowel sounds and beautiful eyes. i thought that she might be my best friend, or that i might be in love with her. shortly after christmas, she became one of those minor casualities of fast friendship: we exchanged a few rushed emails and then never saw one another again. the record however was just the perfect mix of depraved chelsea hotel poetry, weirdo folk production and tragic/romantic lyricism to keep me constantly returning and loving.

music issue to lenny kravitz: you suck

friends. yesterday i was timidly extolling the virtues of being a poseur in the pantheon of over-rated rock gods. today, i am pointing the p-word to rock's least awesome, most awesomely bad ass kissing industry fool, lenny kravitz. there's nothing more simple, clear or perfect than the essence of cashing in,' he says. 'Once I'd done that, the track just came.' uhh, yeah. just.

A Groundbreaking Global Music Project Featuring a New Interpretation of the Brand by Lenny Kravitz

art-school kid pull quotes, pt. II plus pop poseurs EMP prop

Casey Spooner:

It’s very upsetting when you go into an interview and you have expectations and you expect the truth to be told as an interviewee and then you read the interview and it misinterpretation your intention or who you think you are or what you’re trying to say. So it’s so much more fun when you go into an interview and you don’t expect anything truthful at all. All you expect to be is entertained.

talking heads talk of talking heads (and one talks about making a talking head a talking head)

better than me blogging about being bored in front of my computer, its...part of my thesis:

decade (of...)

Shooting gallery at Knoebbels, originally uploaded by pinkgerl.

the summer afte

borrowed tune