Month of February, 2006

Dress in style, go hog wild

Friends, it is Lundi Gras. Any NOLA'er worth her salt would be drunk by now, knowing that by midnight tomorrow the mounties will be sweeping the Quarter of trash and kicking off the quiet end of carnival, Lent.

test icicles breakup poetry

There are few things more poetic and beautiful than "exit memos." Perhaps said leaver has been daydreaming about the words for months or years, perhaps she just woke up one morning and thought "today is the day," but there's always an amazing zen calm to them. I have made up my mind, I am sharing my mind with you, but only for this last time and maybe for the only time.

press release wednesday: Copyright Criminals

comes from friend Kembrew, who's always got something up his sleeve:

Copyright Criminals Remix Contest extended; New Chuck D and George
Clinton samples added

Great news for all you producers, DJs, and remixers: the Copyright
Criminals Remix Contest over at ccMixter has been extended by two
weeks, ending on March 14. Additionally, new vocal samples from
influential rapper Chuck D (of Public Enemy) and pioneering funk
musician George Clinton (of Parliament-Funkadelic) have been made
available for use in the competition.


here's a weird video of Nate Harrison's conceptual art dub plate of a lecture about the Amen Break. I know, I know. It's good. He 'played' this as his 'paper' on my panel at EMP last year. I like it very much. Reminds me of ethnomusicologist Steven Feld's mid-90s to the present work on sound: he makes albums as papers about music culture. Blah blah what is reading, what is the text....go....

put an X on the line between fear and love

new study suggests things being popular make them more popular shocking new evidence that there is no free will or taste, only sociology.

just got back from IASPM-US, which i have to tell you was a little disappointing after so many years of congregating with the EMP Pop Con folks. There were notable, passionate and original papers:

friends mistaken for coveys

clearly this needed to happen.

dc stycast on the CZ and the post-industrial

Just wanted to let y'all know that I've been stycasted over at Stylus, by the fantastic and enthusiastic Todd Burns. That's a dude who loves music and writing, and kudos to him for starting the whole site from the wilds of southern Ohio.

i don't know why i love you


two videos tonight.

true confessions

of a publicist:

In other news, "Lost" has made me rethink my life. What would skills would I be able to contribute if I were stranded on a desert island? Snarkiness? Lobbying the island newspaper to write about someone's awful coconut drum and bamboo guitar combo?

did a stypod with Todd from Stylus yesterday, was really fun and will likely be up next week. Chatted about the CZ, impending industrial takeover of my brain, etc.