Month of March, 2006

zombies, again...but really

okay. reading the news posts from seattle, i mean. just wtf?

spunk zombies

watched this weird zombie movie a few weeks ago, and ended up having a chat about the the cultural relevance of zombies which i can see wasn't just us in the living room but apparently a whole cultural movement, hey wait? how do you shoot images of a half million activist protesters in the streets of LA so that they DON'T look like zombies in hollywood's biggest film? hmm...

dero on canons

Dero's take on the rockism debate, as viewed through the moment's obsession with not just listmaking, but complaining about listmaking and the maker's rights. all well-deserved, but i think this piece misses the point: it's not about NOT having a canon, it's about having more inclusive qualifications for the canon (see below). Kraftwerk, NWA and the Beatles have all made great albums, but they are not great in the same ways and that's better than okay, that's the way it should be.

dreamed i dream

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ex hex


Okay readers, a test. How are these thee items related?

A Piece on the Seconds in the Village Voice

A band bio

The Society for Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

ACT INDEPENDENTLY: As a woman of full-disclosure and blogger privacy, I will tell you that I know a member of this triangle.

the new matmos album rules!!!

it is coming out on may 9 and if you aren't one of those people that get digipacks of garbage + the occasional AMAZING BIT OF EXCELLENTLY CRAFTED, WELL-THOUGHOUT and FUN WEIRDNESS, then mark your calander to get it then.

mexican hat dance

just got back from a weird package tour through mexico's copper canyon with my dad. i think i'm sick and have crazy crazy deadlines so might be a little silent for a while.

on the ETHNOTOURISM front:
got a Tarahumara-made violin while in the Copper Canyon. It seems to be strung with guitar strings and be of questionable tunability - a lovely wall decoration! i may be forced to Anderson-ify the thing to make some sound with it.

pizza depravity

Your order, 26263520, is complete and has been submitted. An email containing your order total including sales tax and the estimated Delivery/Carryout Time will be sent to:

friends, today is a new day. I have ordered a pizza online because I have no cash and am too busy to leave my house. And I am telling you about it on my blog.

(here insert some kind of sound of whimpering, distant chimes and children playing, as if a memory of times before the armageddon, when we could go outside and enjoy the daylight, the breeze, the soft smell of spring approaching)