Month of May, 2006

touring tenements, celebrations and critiques


Happy Memorial Day - I spent the day with my dad going to the LES Tenement Museum and then to a way-too-much-butter-for-the-heat kind of brunch, then walked over the Williamsburg Bridge while having a life-affirming conversation with someone I then and there realized was one of my best friends.

women triumph over lists through secret fandom

I really want to believe this piece about women music shoppers using the internet to circumvent the bs snobbery of snobbish clerks, but I'm just not so sure. I mean, I think that most of the online retail shops in the US are still mostly male in downloads and subscribers. Anyway, this is part of the larger world of 'voting with dollars' that I'm deeply suspicious of, in some ways.

on my little island

i might be listening to these:

1. Fennesz, Endless Summer
2. Brian Eno, Before and After Science
3. My Bloody Valentine, Loveless
4. Boris, Pink
5. Fred Astaire, Let’s Face The Music
6. Iva Bittová, s/t
7. Smashing Pumpkins, Gish
8. Sheila Armstrong, Gerald English, Thomas Allen, London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (LSO), Andre Previn, Carmina Burana (Orff)
9. Leonard Cohen, Songs of Love and Hate
10. American Analog Set, Know By Heart

ghostwrite my cheater's handbook

going through old email and found this link for writerlance, a website where freelancers bid on freelance writing projects. the whole scenario seems depressing to me, and within five minutes i found this project, which is hilarious and sad. I mean, does the irony get and more base than that?

hey jupiter


It's no secret that Pitchfork has stolen the thunder of print media, and so quickly now there is this great secondary discourse about its impact not just in academia but among weirdo obsessives who do statistical analysis of things like how many times nitsuh abebe mentions adult..

Don't stare so romantically

"monograph review" final assignment...

Performing Glam Rock: Gender & Theatricality in Popular Music
Philip Auslander
University of Michigan Press, 2006

Poo-pooing Pop’s Poseurs: Anxiously Analysing the Art-schoolers

EMP Pop Conference 2006
Reading copy – email if you’d like to cite/quote

Dylan Hicks - brilliant fiction about autobiograph...

Dylan Hicks - brilliant fiction about autobiographical music journalist Doug Belknap, a man so socially retarded he doesn't know when his wife is two-timing him through discoparties. The whole thing was told through Streisand fandom and I kept getting images of Christina Ricci standing in the middle of the street with Babs paintings a la Fear and Loathing.