Month of June, 2006

gone on a gothic vacation

Am deep in the heart of NIN, so not too much updating this or next week.
That said, i created a myspace page for the pretty hate machine project. i may start a blog there too to chart my thoughts or to pose questions that would be too 90s and annoying here. if you're a fan or have curiousity about the project, sign up! I have to say i was sad that the real estate for .com/prettyhatemachine was taken, but the girl who has it is pretty funny. watch out!

deus ex machina

Take 20 minutes out of your day to read this history of laptop music on New Music Box. The writer goes through all the usuals but with a good new music eye. Also, there is this lovely aside, which seems like something out of an 80s sci-fi screenplay:

live. learn.

disce quasi semper victurus vive quasi cras moriturus

stupid girls, smart girls, pitchfork, rosen and dero

Okay. onslaught of links. Am back in Ohio and routing through old mail and catching up.