Month of July, 2006

Czech Rep 2006: National Theater, Music In the Park

So, I moved on Sunday. To a rather ridiculously large and wonderful apt behind the National Theater, in Nove Mesto. I can see the roof from my desk as I type, and as it is night the roof is lit with architectural floods that give weird play to the gold leaf, silver and plaster and shows the unholy cacophany of birds aimlessly circling.

rock camp, seattle weekly, Oneida

More band photos should look like these from Rock Camp in NYC. One of few reasons I wish I were in NYC right now (Prague is just as hot, but half as expensive - the news says things like "it's hot, the breweries are working overtime!) is because I really wanted to work at the Camp this year. Alas.

Czech Rep 2006: Boskovice Festival

Been gone. Am now in Prague until the end of August.