Month of October, 2006


Am smoking thru NIN so no time to blog right now (I met the mayor of Mercer yesterday, nice guy) but here are some interesting reads (I'm sitting in a coffee shop and two high school boys are singing "Little Runaway" while chomping on chips, I am in absolute Bon Jovi overload these days):

Schmucks of CBGB

Unquiet Gabe on Greil's new book

BMW06 Reading NYC: Oct 25 at Housing Works. Save the date!

Wow, A 3D animated Best Music Writing 2006 in living stereo for one night only!

Please come out to the BWM06 reading at Housing Works on Wednesday, October 25th, and (as per below) bring a book or two to donate to the venue. You could even bring a book of bad music writing so you have a spot for the BMW06 on your shelf. Trade up!

Da Capo Best Music Writing 2006
Housing Works Bookstore Café
Wednesday, October 25, 7PM

“One of the hottest literary hubs in New York:
the bookstore salon that the city has been missing.”

Tough chix and little kidz

I'm surprised to mostly agree with a list of AOL's ladies who but less so knowing the fabulous Jessica Robertson was involved in its making. She's no small Joan Jett herself. Girl, when are you going to get up on stage?