Month of March, 2008

Resonance Magazine RIP

Spring 2008 may come to be known as the year of the music magazine broke. Resonance, a Seattle-based, nationally distributed music magazine, has decided to fold, following Harp, No Depression, and others.

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Evil Women change their seats in the theater just to step on everybody's feet

Am working on a piece for Slate on "Evil Woman" songs and several people, including Douglas Wolk, suggested that I include the Eartha Kitt track "I wanna be evil," but it didn't make the cut. Still, it should be listened to, watched, loved, and lived:



Harp Magazine closes

Reprinted from Harp's website:

Harp Magazine Discontinues Publishing after Seven-Year Run

Harp Magazine
March 17, 2008

Guthrie, Inc., the company that publishes Harp magazine, announced today that it has discontinued publishing Harp, effective immediately. The last issue sent to subscribers and newsstands was the March/April issue with Dave Grohl on the cover.

NME - near and far in today

Here's a good article on the current position of NME in the market/music genre/writing/influence interections. Two quotes I liked especially. The first about the generational relativism that makes looking at eras of writing difficult:

“Generations of them, all moaning about how NME stopped being good at the exact moment they stopped buying it,” complains Steven Wells, one of the magazine's star writers in the 1980s and early 1990s. “It must really suck to be an NME writer these days with this bloated Greek chorus of balding middle-aged naysayers on your back.”

aphorism in lieu of originality

But so pervasive, eminently human, and fundamentally non-utilitarian a cultural product as music leaves in its wake like an atom its trail in a cloud chamber -- a tantalizing hint or a passageway, as Levi-Strauss believes, for the discovery of something essential to the mystery of ourselves.

Neuman, Daniel

1990 (1980) The Life of Music in North India: The Social Organization of an Artistic Tradition. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press. (2d ed.)


Oxford American Great Music Writing book

I'm excited to learn that the great Oxford American magazine is putting out a book of its collected music writing this fall, The Oxford American Book of Great Music Writing, with the U. of Arkansas Press. News from here, sadly.