Month of April, 2008

Sunny sunny Sally Shapiro

pink fusepink fusepink fuse

On Monday I tried to teach the importance of recording technology/playback/electronic instruments in the 20th 1 hour and 25 minutes. It's kind of hilarious to think about this idea but somehow I went from Russolo to Brussels 1958 to Giorgio Moroder in 1975 in about 10 minutes, and ended up talking about one of my favorite things, disco polo, the Polish nationalist nod to Moroder's bouncesynth empire.

EMP 2008: The new center

Georgia Christgau reads on Ellen Willis

[Georgia Christgau reading her paper on Ellen Willis]

150 Secrets at Joe's Pub

Last night I read a part of my forthcoming NIN book as part of the Happy Endings Series. Part of the series' form is that each reader must perform a "risk," so I decided that I would write down 150 of my secrets, print them, cut them into individual strips, and pass them out. After my reading, which seemed to go over well even with a heavy theme, I conducted the whole room reading these secrets simultaniously. The Happy Ending audience is into experience art, I can tell, and so the crowd was thunderously loud and it was incredibly terrifying for 10 seconds to hear various bits of long hidden secrets rise up over the din and threaten to be heard whole.