Month of October, 2008

No Depression is back!

Here's a press release about No Depression, a site that will bring great roots music writing back into the picture. I've never heard the term bookazine before, but according to Dennis Publishing it's:

Essentially a Bookazine is a perfect-bound, magazine-sized soft back book focusing on a particular subject matter. These bookazines are sold on the magazine racks and are priced between £6.95 and £9.99 with production values to reflect this price.

American Boy

Jetset, weekend getaway shopping trip, stop off to play the sold out show – it's a narrative of two fabulous cosmopolitan lives set to electro pop synths on Estelle's "American Boy," which has been floating through my head endlessly in the past few days. Whereas Ladytron or Annie go breathy robo-girl to such pads, Estelle's neo-soul melisma, rasp on more dense syllables, and exploration of a static story through phrasing shows her a nuanced vocal talent that goes beyond the songs Euro-cool. She takes this "American boy" phrase and develops it – unlike Winehouse, whose repetition tends to incorporate the same vocal performance each time. Zzz. That Kanye is maybe said boy is amusing – as if he would be a weekend fling.

The Oxford American Book of Great Music Writing is coming!

Oxford American's editor Marc mentioned some time ago that this was happening, and I'm excited to see that The Oxford American Book of Great Music Writing is now soon to be available from University of Arkansas Press. The book collects 10 years of the magazine's great music issues (from which come BMW stories almost every year) and there's a forward by Van Dyck Parks. Awesome.


Oliver Wang and Nelson George on WNYC's Soundcheck

Check out these two Soundcheck segments, first with guest editor Nelson George then with Oliver Wang on his piece Boogaloo Nights, from The Nation.

CFP: Sound in Circulation: Technologies, histories, methods, and practices

Creative Commons licensem by Erica Marshall

[note: I'm the coordinator for this conference! Email me if you have questions!] 

Matos on dilettantism as the new mode of listening

Here's a good musing by Matos on the deluge of music in our "celestial jukebox" lives, and how critics might deal with it. He's taling about getting into Duke Ellington, and the great big learning curve every critic must face when tackling a new genre or mode of listening.

October 10th BMW Reading in Los Angeles

Time: Friday, October 10, 2008 7:30 p.m.
Location: Skylight Books

To celebrate the newest volume of this highly anticipated annual "Best", Ann Powers hosts a panel of other noted music writers (and contributors to this year's book) that will include Solvej Schou, Oliver Wang, Jeff Weiss, Brandon Perkins, J. Bennett and more.