Month of April, 2009

EMP Paper, as per below

Last week I gave a paper at the Experience Music Project Pop Conference in Seattle. Wow, it was my 7th presentation at the conference, and each time I inch towards what I am interested in doing and being as a thinker about music. The directions below might be some indication - my paper on laptop use among music writers/scholars involved an interactive laptop performance element, which about 10 people did while I was speaking. With that going, my paper being read, and a number of slides presenting information from a surveymonkey-based online survey I conducted, I was attempting to create some small part of the affective experience of multimedia thinking, while at the same time calling attention to the enfleshed world that was "the wisdom of crowds" in the audience.


Hello Thanks for being in my laptop brigade.

There are three things

CUE: what you pay attention for
ACTION: what you do when you are supposed to
STOP ACTION: when to stop