Month of August, 2009

First BMW09 review in

Thanks to PopMatters for our first review of Best Music Writing 2009. The book is not out until October, but galleys have gone out into the world. If you'd like to review it for your blog, magazine, newspaper or on the radio, drop me a line (musicwriting  at gmail dot com) and I'll put you in touch with our PR person. Thanks!

Punx Picnic

On Saturday I was to go to Hradec Kralove for the Flošna festival, but on the way to the gig we had a stop off to a small town for the Punx Picnic, so named after Oi Polloi's parody of "Teddy Bear's Picnic." Behind a giant, well lit soccer field was a small stage and about 120 punks. We pulled up the car past the front entry and I began to get nervous.

Posicorigins: Candy Flip

Amid transatlantic flight mid-seat sitting by angry baby bliss out, I re-listened to the High Places record and it just kept reminding me of these Madchester scensters, only HP go with the lower production values for max.authenticity:

Back to the blog

A funny thing happened on the way to the Czech Republic, which is where I sit at 1:30am with moths banging against the fixtures and a jetlag buzz keeping my brain from sleep. Namely, two years. About that much time has lapsed since I was faithful to my blog.

Vibe to relaunch

After Johan Weiner's apprasial of why music mags are dying, it's nice to hear that one of them is coming back. Vibe is to relaunch as web-only magazine with a circulation of 300k. No mention here about the editorial staffing but I'll keep my ears open for it.