EMP 2008: The new center

Georgia Christgau reads on Ellen Willis

[Georgia Christgau reading her paper on Ellen Willis]

Friends! I have returned to the living a bit since I am just back from the always life-affirming EMP Pop Conference. I will post my thoughts later tonight but for now would like to just say thanks to everyone who shared their papers and to everyone who came to mine – it was likely the most difficult paper I've ever had to give (and I mean it, I felt I HAD to). Other reactions here from Sound and Noise,


First, sincere thanks to all the folks who came out to the Feminist Working Group. We only had an hour but I think we got some good ideas out into the air and set the stage for an annual event. I will make a transcript and put it up asap!


Personal highlights: Georgia Christgau's critical reflection on the work of Ellen Willis; Jody Rosen's brilliant feminist historigraphy/treasurehunt of vaudeville diva Eva Tanguay; Daphne Brooks's read of Amy Winehouse; Alexandra Vazquez's poetics of knowing nothing; Gayle Wald's unearthing of the tv show Soul!; Elizabeth Keenan sensitive read of 3rd wave politics in Ladyfest; Douglas Wolk on the trajectory of the "Ballad of the Green Berets;" Toby Carroll on punk politics and music at AK Press; Jalylah Burrell's anaysis of bi-racial representations in pop.