Amateur Hour


Friends, on this day when Mariah and Ashlee vie for your pop hearts while Barack and Hillary vie for our futures, I am pleased to announce that I have...passed my written exams. This has been the hardest year of school work in my entire life and I have been somewhat in hiding while trying to manage the workload, teaching, and the general anxiety of waiting. I am now one step closer to realizing this thing that is...getting to spend a life writing about and thinking critically about music.

All of this came to me in a flash this weekend when I took my music humanities class to the Apollo Theater for our class fieldtrip. Billy Mitchell, tourguide and dedicated lifelong member of the Apollo family, invited my class and the other visiting class, of third graders from Queens, to participate in our own Amateur Hour. I know this sounds corny but as I was walking up with my students to the stage to perform (the third graders ruled us with breakdancing), I realized that I was, in fact, doing exactly what I wanted, being on that stage for exactly the thing I was good at. Nice that it coincides with the exam, the success of which fills me more with relief than a sense of accomplishment. 

So...this is my way of saying - back to the regularly scheduled programming at Funboring. I hope to be writing daily of music and music culture from now on. Day one.